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Magna Charger

Magnacharger TVS2300 for LS3 C6 Corvette Hotrod Kit Only

Magnacharger TVS2300 for LS3 C6 Corvette Hotrod Kit Only

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The Magnum TVS2300 ‘Hot Rod’ kit for LS3 based engine applications is designed for all GM engines with LS3 heads. Designed to work with Corvette drive systems, this system is geared for your high horsepower hot rod and race applications.
Fit: 2008 - 2012 C6 Corvette with LS3
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Model C6
Manufacturer Magna Charger

The Magnuson Model TVS2300 6th Generation is a State of the Art supercharger. It was designed as a compact, flexible supercharger for increased power with original equipment quietness and reliability without adversely affecting fuel economy. The TVS2300 6th Generation has proven itself in a number of original equipment and aftermarket applications on a variety of engine sizes. This version has taken this versatility to the next level with new 4-lobe, high helix rotor design and a built in bypass for unparalleled performance.

System Benefits:

Power. The Magna Charger system, with its Roots design, provides substantial power increase: 150 bhp with stock LS3. High manifold pressure produced at low engine RPM provides significantly more low end and mid-range torque compared to centrifugal superchargers.

Reliability. Internal Magna Charger components are manufactured by Eaton, the world's leading OEM supercharger supplier, and ensure bulletproof reliability. Our testing confirms that this is the only supercharger system capable of 100,000 mile durability.

Drivability. Expert engine management calibration provides perfect street manners, eliminating engine-damaging detonation and maintaining excellent fuel economy and emission compliance. Fuel Economy. During low-load cruising conditions, the supercharger's internal bypass allows the rotors to spin freely, reducing parasitic drag to less than one-third of one horsepower. Fuel mileage is normally within 1/2 to 1 mpg less than stock.

Emissions Compliance. Executive Order exemptions (E.O. D-488-6, D-488-12, D-488-14) have been issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for 1997 to 2009 Corvette applications, making most systems 50-state "street-legal".

Magna Charger's TVS2300 supercharger technology is the same used for the new ZR1 Corvette. The four-lobe rotor features a high-twist 160 helix that has improved efficiency (less power to drive), and is much quieter. Additional efficiency is the result of the unique bypass valve that reduces parasitic drag during normal driving.

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