Halltech Super Bee MF103 Ram Air Induction for C6 Corvette

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Halltech Super Bee MF103 Ram Air Induction C6 LS3 08-11) and Z06 LS7 (06-11)

NEW WORLD RECORD BOLT ON ONLY Z06 DRIVEN BY GARY HILLEN RUNS 9.97 @ 137.72 mph with the Halltech Super Bee MF103.  Halltech's Super Bee MF103 Ram Air Induction including Beehive takes the lead in the industry with this run. The MF103 requires NO TUNING and has better than stock idle manners due to the MAF forward design and integrated velocity stack built into the filter flange. Made from roto-molded cross link polyethylene this Super Bee will last forever.

Size matters, and the Super Bee MF103 is 102.5mm at the MAF read and at the exit, meaning it is larger than the massive Williams Performance 102 Throttle Body, but comes with the connector hose for the stock throttle body. The Super Bee can be ordered with the larger connector hose for the WP102 TB.

Halltech's roto-molded version of the Super Bee FG102 features the same filter and Beehive as the Carbon and Fiberglass version as well as the Killer Bee II. Since early 2010, the Super Bee has been the dominant Halltech induction system, with staggering horsepower and torque numbers that have literally shattered all records.  From engine dynos to chassis dynos, you will not find more power from any intake made.


The MAF sensor and PCV plastic nipple are not included, since they are swapped from the stock intake system. You will need an 8mm and 7mm nut-driver to install this intake system.  You may need to include the Security TORX bit shown as an accessory in the side bar to remove your stock MAF screws.  2011 LS3s may have the 5 point Security Plus screws from GM.  Full Ram Air requires some cutting of the radiator shroud, which can be done without removing the shroud.  See Installation, Beehive„¢ Ram Air Port Installation.  

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