"Sharkbar" Harness Bar by VetteWorks

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Vetteworks manufactures the C6 Corvette harness bar " Sharkbar ™ Series- C6. The C6 Sharkbar bar is a bolt-in unit for all 2005 to current Corvettes fits all coupe models from standard to Z06 & ZR1. The Series C6 bar is designed to keep both occupants securely in place while auto crossing or drag or road racing. The bar aligns the belts to the proper angles and does not effect the operation of the factory seat belts. The factory quarter panel have to be modified to install the Shark bar. We offer pre-modified quarter panel. The Bar requires a 3" aftermarket 5 or 6-Point (individual style) belts. The lap & 5-pt anti-submarine bars are sold separately. (On 6-pt harness belts, the 2 anti-sub belts anchor directly into the lap belt bar.) If using stock seats without harness holes, we recommend using sternum straps or Pro H-Pads to locate the shoulder straps correctly on the occupant. Sharkbar Series C6 is available in gloss red or black powder coating. Contact us for custom colors . A detailed installation manual comes with all Sharkbars™

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