MTI Racing "BADDEST" C6 Z06 Race Car For Sale $125,000

MTI Racing "BADDEST" C6 Z06 Race Car For Sale $125,000

MTI Racing "BADDEST" C6 Z06 Race Car for Sale   

$400,000 Investment for $125,000 

MTI Racing Development MONSTER

NASA SE Road Racing Champion

BADDEST C6 Z06 Track Car in the Land   (Black)

 MTI Racing 800 HP 454 RX Engine   (New… $40,000 engine)

  1. RHS tall deck block with Darton sleeves
  2. MTI ported LSX DR cylinder heads, titanium valves,

     PSD springs, T&D shaft rocker system, Winberg crank

     Carillo rods, Manley pistons, JESEL lifters, Comp roller cam,

     4 stage dry sump with custom corvetteoil tank, stainless 2”

     header system with full stainless exhaust. Diffuser augmented

     exit with oval tips.

 MTI Racing 6 speed sequential trans system with “no lift” shift electronics package

 7.25” triple disc clutch and carbon fiber driveshaft

 MTI Racing stage 5 differential with polished 3.90 gear set

 Suspension converted to full roller bearing control arms & shocks

 JRZ double adjustable coil over shocks with Eibach 2.25” super light springs

MTI/Pfadt extreme sway bar system

Brembo racing billet 6 piston front brakes

Brembo racing 4 piston rear brakes

Brembo 14” front rotors

Brembo 14” rear rotors


MTI Racing Extreme Aero package

        Highest downforce Corvette ever tested in a wind tunnel

  1. MTI front splitter with tunnels
  2. MTI Racing dual front canars
  3. MTI Racing carbon fiber extractor hose
  4. ACP Racing carbon fiber extractor fender
  5. MTI Racing flat floor conversion kit
  6. MTI Racing carbon fiber midfloor venture
  7. MTI Racing carbon fiber diffuser
  8. MTI Racing carbon fiber extreme wide body panels
  9. MTI racing carbon fiber sideskirts
  10. MTI Racing carbon fiber extreme downforce rear wing


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