Performance Shop Services

MTI Racing is the ‘Corvette Powerhouse’ of the Southeast. We are a one-stop shop for LS engine based racing development and fine-tuning, in-between event modifications and servicing, and total system performance. We specialize in developing complete racecars that provide the driver with a rewarding experience. With our in house machine shop, MTI Machine, we are capable of machining nearly any part to your specification.

  • Racecar planning, setup, and assembly
  • Engine Upgrade stages 1, 2, 2 Extreme, and 3
  • Supercharger and turbo system installs
  • Nitrous Installation
  • Custom Chassis modifications
  • Roll Cage installations and fabrication
  • Custom fabricated auto parts built to your specs
  • Engine Changes & LS Swaps
  • Gear changes and transmission rebuilds
  • Aerodynamics best suited for your needs
  • Composite fabrication including fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Weight reduction

MTI Racing has a DynoJetDyno, SPA Dynamometers Strut Dyno, and a DTS Engine Dynamometer onsite. This allows us to immediately test a new modification immediately to ensure that the proper effect is achieved. To read more about Dyno tuning 
click here.