Dyno Tuning

At MTI Racing, we have both a Dynojet 248 chassis dyno and a DTS Engine dyno.

Chassis Dyno Tuning

Allow your car to achieve its maximum potential with a MTI Racing chassis dyno tune.  If you having issues with gas mileage, lack of power, difficulty with engine start, fuel to oxygen ratio, or any other issue that could be associated to a poorly tuned automobile, give MTI Racing a call to schedule a tune today.

Do not waste a race season trying to perfect your tune. Bring it into MTI Racing today. Owner and Chief Engineer of MTI Racing, Reese Cox does all chassis tuning, and has over 25 years of racing and tuning experience. Using our in-house 248 Dynojet chassis dynamometer (dyno) we can tune rear wheel drive cars up to 1200 hp with a max speed of 200 MPH.

Engine Dyno Tuning

Using our DTS engine dyno, we can test the operation stats of an engine before putting it into a car. The DTS engine dyno monitors oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, temperature, and many other engine vitals, while ensuring that the camshaft, bearings, rings, etc. have the correct break in procedure. After the break-in procedure and an oil change, the engine can be tested for horsepower and torque. 

MTI Racing invites both home and professional builders to come make use of our DTS engine dyno. It has the capability to handle up to 200hp, 15,000 RPM, 1500 lbs/foot of torque continuously. The DTS engine dyno does not require a bell housing, flywheel, or starter to test engine.

Call today to schedule a time to test your newly built or recently rebuilt engine at MTI Racing.