Routine Maintenance

We believe a car is something that should be well maintained. To do so, every car requires routine inspection and servicing. Do not place your exceptional car in the hands of an unexceptional technician at your local dealership. At MTI Racing, master technicians that build and maintain exceptional cars on a daily basis does all in-house maintenance.

Cars work by having many systems working together, and are intended to provide you with a smooth, safe, and reliable ride. All of your car’s parts are interrelated. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly breakdowns. Ignoring the simplest routine maintenance, such as changing the oil or checking the coolant, can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability, or a particular system to fail.

MTI Racing provides maintenance on the following:
  • Battery/Battery cables
  • Air Filters
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power steering
  • Transmission fluid
  • Lights
  • Tire Rotation and balancing
  • Alignment
  • Window washer fluid
  • Belts/Timing Belt
  • Fuel System/Fuel Filter
  • Hoses
  • Pressure Checks
  • Antifreeze/Radiator
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust
  • Oxygen sensors

Our shop in Marietta is easily accessible to those living in the Greater Atlanta, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Athens, Woodstock, and the rest of the Southeast United States.Let MTI Racing prevent a potential highway breakdown by letting our master technicians perform your routine maintenance.

Call or email us to schedule your routine maintenance appointment today!

Your vehicle represents a significant investment; so protect your car by taking an active role in its maintenance. Proper maintenance will help extend the life of your car and preserve its value. In addition to helping you avoid costly car repairs down the road, regular maintenance will optimize your car's performance, safety and fuel efficiency.