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Brake Fluid, Prospeed RS683

Brake Fluid, Prospeed RS683

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Brake deeper, harder, and longer! 
Due to supply problems with RT700 and some industry insider information, MTI Racing will substitute this product with Prospeed RS683. We are VERY confident it is the same product in the same bottle with a different sticker and a much more reliable vendor.
Fits: Universal

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Model C5, C6, C7, Camaro 2010+, Camaro Firebird 98-2002 LS1, CTS-V
Manufacturer MTI Racing

Torque RT700 Xtreme Performance Brake Fluid

Torque RT700 is a revolutionary new racing brake fluid that is suitable for Street cars and for full Racing Cars. This means you can brake deeper, harder and longer!

Dissolved air & CompressionFree„¢ Technology
Brake fluid is a mixture of several different ingredients. Conventional mixing traps tiny, dissolved bubbles of air inside the fluid. Fresh brake fluid typically contains as much as 5% dissolved air. Air is more compressible under pressure than fluid, so this air leads to a soft pedal feel, even with fresh, brand-new fluid.

Torque's patented manufacturing process minimizes the amount of air that gets into the fluid during manufacture. Instead of 5% air, RT700 contains less than 1% dissolved air! This results in a very incompressible fluid for the firmest pedal feel and most predictable braking you will ever experience.

Save Time and money & Increased seal life!
Start with less air in the brake fluid and the fluid can last longer in the braking system. Instead of spending time at the track bleeding brakes, you spend your time driving and discovering other performance benefits. 

- Dry boiling point - 583.2 °F
- Wet boiling point - 394° F
Compatible with all Dot 3, 4, and 5.1 non-silicone fluids, but full system should be flushed for maximum performance.

What does all this mean?
You can brake deeper, harder and longer, and be extremely predictable.

Suitable for Street cars and for full Racing Cars.
Available in  16.9 oz Bottle -or-  Discounted Case of 12qty

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