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MTI Racing

MTI Racing Track Oil System for Corvette

MTI Racing Track Oil System for Corvette

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This is great for the street and necessary for track use. Offers smoother oil flow with larger lines, low restriction 8 micron filter, and larger cooler for lower oil temps. Adds approximately 1qt to oil capacity.

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Model C5, C6
Manufacturer MTI Racing

Engine oil Pressure and Temperature is the lifeblood of your engine. Think of this analogy - the oil pump is like your human heart. It circulates critical fluid (ie. blood) through your body via tubes. What happens if the tubes are restrictive? Now imagine if you removed some of the restrictions... Your circulatory system would operate more efficiently, cooler and with less pressure drops.

The stock oil pump does a fine job of pumping oil. However, there are many restrictions and cavities in the oiling system that elevate the oil temperature and can cause pressure inconsistencies. If you intend to occasionally road race your Corvette, you should seriously consider upgrading the oiling system.

The MTI Racing Track Oil System is great for the street and track use.
It offers larger lines that allow smoother oil flow between components. The anodized fittings are rated for high-flow and are easy to hookup and service. Also included is a MTI Racing low restriction/high-flow inline oil filter. It filters down to 8 microns and still maintains excellent oil flow. Replacement oil filters are also easily serviced.

The oil cooler is supplied by Setrab - the highest name in racing oil coolers. They are a standard in the European Endurance racing circuits like 24hrs LeMans and DTM. The oil cooler is much larger than stock and incredibly efficient. We include the best cooler into this package for lower oil temps. Adds approximately 1qt to oil capacity. Severely dedicated track cars may see additional benefits when combined with a true racing dry sump system. Our MTI Racing Track Oil System is also compatible with the A.R.E. Drysump system.

The MTI Racing Track Oil System Kit comes with oil lines, adapter, fittings, remote oil filter, remote oil adapter, and oil cooler.

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