Stainless Works Header with Cats and X-Pipe for C6 Corvette, Base and Z06

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C6 Z06 and Base Corvette Headers. C6 Base 2" Primaries and 3" Collectors.  Z06 version with 1 7/8" Primaries or 2" Primaries with 3.0" Collectors  31" long primaries with "D" shaped port matched flange. Includes 3" X-pipe, metallic substrate high flow converters, O2 extensions, Accuseal clamps, clamp/hanger assemblies, oil cooler lines, compression fittings, zip ties, cable clamps, etc. The most powerful LS7 headers available! For cars running mild head and cam packages, low boost superchargers or NOS. THESE HEADERS MAY PICK UP TO 29 RWHP AND 41 FT# on a bone stock C6Z06.

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