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MTI Racing

Torque Clamp Twin Disc Clutch

Torque Clamp Twin Disc Clutch

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The TORQUE CLAMP is a street and race clutch. Superior Street Twin-Disc design holds up to 900 lb/ft torque and feels near-stock. The same clutch that wins races also drives to the supermarket.

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Model C5, C6, Camaro 2010+
Manufacturer MTI Racing

1997 - 2004 C5 Corvette
2005 - 2013 C6 Corvette
2010 - 2013 Camaro

The TORQUE CLAMP is a real racing clutch that feels near-stock. 

Fits applications: ( C5, C6 Corvette, and 5th Gen Camaro )


It uses the same requirements as top circuit cars with up to 900 Lbs/Ft Torque that you can use on your daily driven car. This is a very predictable clutch that is easy to drive. The pedal push effort is near-stock with better ramp feel. Feels like a normal car with no grabby takeoff. Very smooth engagement. This clutch is not an "on/off" switch. The same clutch that wins races also drives to the supermarket. 

Born in Australia, and built like a giant racing clutch. Computer Designed with hardened Aluminium angular drive legs for exact concentricity and low M.O.I (moment of inertia) with Positive Power Drive located for extreme strength, making clutch and flywheel as one. All billet construction. NO pressed metal and NO casting anywhere. There are NO straps or springs to fail. Floater and Pressure Plate are made from high carbon steel for superior heat soak. The floater plates also give the nice rattle of a race clutch when you hold your foot on the clutch pedal, then silent on engagement.

Assembly includes:
 - Twin-disc Clutches
 - Pressure Plate
 - Lightened Steel Flywheel
 - Slave Cylinder Spacer kit for your specific vehicle (C5, C6 Corvette or 5th Gen Camaro)

 - Superior 9" Twin-Disc design
 - Positive Engagement allows for faster shifting
 - Pedal push effort is near-stock with better ramp feel
 - Clean release characteristics gives predictable modulation and great feel
 - Unique clamp design provides excellent full-throttle holding power
 - Excellent choice for Drag, Road Racing, or cruising. 
 - Organic face discs used for all Street and medium Road Racing duty
 - Cerametallic face discs used for more instant engagement, like Drag or serious Road Racing

 - Choose TQ700 for up to (700 lb/ft of Torque)
 - Choose TQ900 for up to (900 lb/ft of Torque) (pedal is firmer than TQ700, better for Drag).
 - Choose Organic disc for clean engagement, and great modulation (for Street & Road Race)
 - Choose Cerametallic disc for more instant engagement, or abusive environments (Drag & serious Road Race) 

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