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Corvette C5 Suspension Upgrade Package Stage 3 (Bilstein Coilovers)

Corvette C5 Suspension Upgrade Package Stage 3 (Bilstein Coilovers)

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C5 Corvette Suspension Upgrade Package Stage 3  (Bilstein Coilovers)

Note: Stage 1 and Stage 2 Suspension Upgrades should be accomplished before moving to stage 3 Upgrades. Only then will you fully appreciate the performance advantages of Stage 3. If you have purchased previously from us Bilstein or equivalent shocks for Stage 2, we will give you some credit toward the coilover purchase, depending on wear and tear on your used shocks purchased from us. 



  • Bilstein Coilover Shocks and Spring package to meet your specific requirements.
  • Includes MTI Racing Extensive Installation Experience
  • MTI Racing's Bilstein coilovers are constructed from billet aluminum for maximum weight savings and are anodized for a durable finish that will look great for years to come. Our coilovers offer many benefits for the track and the street. We started with a shock name we can trust, Bilstein has been an industry leader in the automotive world for over 60 years. While the shocks are Bilstein, MTI Racing engineered all of the additional components that make our coilovers a true bolt on solution. These components are proudly made in house, in the USA using state of the art CNC machining equipment. Through extensive field testing, the MTI team developed a shock valving package that offers excellent grip at the racetrack while maintaining a comfortable and reassuring ride on the street. Utilizing an inverted mounting scheme our coilovers decrease your cars unsprung weight by placing the majority of the shocks mass on the chassis rather than the lower control arms. The result is a crisper, more responsive feel for the ultimate control of your Corvette.
  • These shocks and springs will be a dramatic improvement in handling over a stock C5 suspension. Much more control of the vehicle into corners, and dramatic improvement in lap times, if you track your car.  

Note: If your corvette has the magnetic ride suspension option, we offer a package that will disable that function so you can properly use the Bilstein Coilover package to full advantage. This includes installing a small circuit assembly at each wheel location that communicates with the onboard computer system, telling it that the magnetic ride suspension is engaged at all times. Parts and Labor $550 with installation of the above coilover system. 


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