CTS-V Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 650HP

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Lingenfelter CTS-V Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 650HP
Part# L250300709
for LSA CTSV 2010 2011 2012

This kit gives you everything you need to upgrade your Cadillac CTS-V LSA engine to the 650 HP package except ECU programming. Installation instructions include how to modify your air intake box so when combined with the included LPE air intake duct & K&N Filter equals or out performs all aftermarket air intake kits we have tested.

650 HP CTS-V kit includes:
-L220050709- Lingenfelter CTS-V Harmonic Balancer Kit
-L220070709- Lingenfelter CTS-V 10% Overdrive Balancer Pulley
-L250070709- Lingenfelter CTS-V Supercharger Upper Pulley Kit
-L310065307- Lingenfelter 160 Degree Thermostat
-L480090000- 8 Minitimer Injector Connector Kits
-RXS107FM- 8 Fuel Injectors 63 lbs Per Hour
-33-2411- K & N Air Filter CTS-V
-Complete instructions

Kit Price - $1,948.95

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