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Joe Gibbs/Driven XP6 Full Synthetic Racing Engine Oil

Joe Gibbs/Driven XP6 Full Synthetic Racing Engine Oil

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Joe Gibbs/Driven XP6 Full Synthetic Racing Engine Oil

Price: $19.99 per quart 

Viscosity typical of SAE 15W-50.

  Product Features:

  • A high zinc, petroleum formula racing oil, XP6 offers low cost protection for racers who want to use non-synthetic oil.
  • Excellent protection for dirt and nitrous racers who want to change their oil frequently. Recommended applications: Big block engines, flat tappet camshaft engines, and Nitrous engines.
  • It utilizes additives and emulsifiers to fight engine wear and trap dirt particles.
  • Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels.


  • Big block engines
  • Flat tappet camshaft engines
  • Nirtous engines
  • Engines operating with oil temperatures between 200F and 240F.

Why use Joe Gibbs/ Driven Oil?

Joe Gibbs Driven Oil is formulated specifically for racing engines and older style flat-tappet engines. A recent camshaft company Technical Bulletin said it best, "Today's engine oil is just not the same as it used to be, thanks to the ever tightening environmental regulations."

Today's passenger car motor oils are formulated to be compatible with your street car's emission control equipment, and Federal EPA requirements have led to a reduction in formulated anti-wear chemistries like Zinc, Phosphorus and Sulfur in API rated engine oils. As a result, the oil you buy today is not the same as it was 10 years ago. While this is good for your street car, it is bad news for your racing engine.

As stated in the book Lubrication Fundamentals,"In heavily loaded applications, flat tappet cam followers operate on partial oil films at least part of the time. Lubricants with anti-wear additives are necessary if rapid wear and surface distress are to be avoided. The oil additive Zinc Dithiophosphate is to provide anti-wear activity for the camshaft and lifters.

Racing engines see more RPM, higher loads and increased temperatures compared to street engines, so a racing engine requires higher levels of Zinc, Phosphorus, Sulfur and other additives to prevent premature part failure. This is especially true in flat-tappet engines.

Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil contains all of the correct additives, like Zinc, Phosphorus and Sulfur in addition to the highest quality base oils to protect your engine.

Again, the book Lubrication Fundamentals sums this up, "Loading on the rubbing surfaces in the valve train may be high, particularly in high speed engines, where stiff valve springs must be used to ensure that the valves close rapidly and positively. This loading can result in lubrication failure unless special care is taken in the formulation of the lubricant." Simply put, the oil used in an engine needs to be formulated specifically for that type of engine. You wouldn't use a stock piston in a race engine, and the same goes for oil.

Our NASCAR championship winning formula protects our 9,000 RPM, Flat-Tappet engines for over 500 miles of competition, and our oils are used by other championship winning engine builders to conquer the grueling 24 hours of Daytona and the Baja 1000. We offer a variety of oil viscosities to fit various engine builds and operating temps.


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