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MTI Racing GM CNC Ported Cathedral Cylinder Heads (LS1,LS6,LS2)

MTI Racing GM CNC Ported Cathedral Cylinder Heads (LS1,LS6,LS2)

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MTI Racing GM CNC Ported Cathedral Cylinder Heads (LS1,LS6,LS2)

Price : $1,495.00 per pair

MTI Racing provides a CNC Ported version of the Cathedral Cylinder Head for LS1, LS6, and LS2 engines.

MTI Racing cylinder heads are precision CNC machined in house on our Haas and DMG Mori 5 Axis CNC machines to ensure that exact tolerances are maintained.

We have partnered with former NASCAR Specialist to optimize the available area of the stock casting out to 243cc’s ! Our LS and LT heads are cut in the exact same machine right here in Dawsonville, Ga. that has had Cup Series Racing heads developed in it.

Following each porting, each cylinder head receives a precision 5 angle valve job, not 3 angle used by many shops, to maximize flow and provide extended life of the cylinder head. To improve the performance of our valve job, MTI Racing also performs a contouring procedure on the exhaust valves seat using our Newen valve machine which blends the chamber into the narrow “throat” section of the port. Our development in this critical area is based off of countless hours of NASCAR cylinder head testing.

Note of Consequence: Don’t be fooled by competitors with flashy CFM numbers using larger valves, etc., that may be drastically larger than ours. Just like every chassis dyno will report your car at different power levels, so do cylinder head flow benches. Through our research, making a port bigger is NOT always better. Similar phenomenon occurs with CFM flow numbers. A particular head with slightly lower numbers may end up making MORE POWER due to the quality and direction of airflow. At the end of the day, MTI Racing is about making POWER, not selling CFM numbers.

Base price package includes porting your supplied cylinder heads. Upgraded valves and springs are additional cost.

Customer must supply the undamaged heads to be ported. 


LS1   243

Intake Runner Volume         210 stock   243 ported

Exhaust Runner Volume        76 stock     88 ported

Intake Valve Diameter            2.00   LS6  OEM

Exhaust Valve Diameter         1.55   LS6  OEM

Valve Stem Diameter              8mm


Flow Characteristics                           CFM

                                        Intake                                           Exhaust

Valve Lift            Stock          MTI  CNC                   Stock             MTI CNC 

              .1                 76                      69                        5                         50

              .2               137                    135                     102                      101

              .3               185                    194                     135                      131

              .4               230                    248                     158                      170

              .5               257                    287                     174                      194

              .6               252                    293                     177                      209

              .7               251                    296                     180                      215


Note: Tested with 4.125 bore, clay entry on intake port. No pipe on exhaust port.          Untouched combustion chamber

Stock valves.       


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