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MTI Racing

MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter for 5th Gen Camaro V6

MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter for 5th Gen Camaro V6

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Available for V6. This is the #1 upgrade for the 2010 Camaro. The MTI Racing by UUC Six Shooter Shifter is engineered with better materials, shorter throw, and a better overall feel.

Fits: 2010 - 2013 Camaro V6

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Model Camaro 2010+
Manufacturer MTI Racing

V6 Camaro Shifter

MTI Racing has partnered with manufacturing giant UUC Motorwerks to produce the ultimate shifter. The Six Shooter shifter addresses each and every "compromise" of the shifter system.  The enhanced precision, direct feel, and super-smooth action cannot be duplicated by any means other than our precision shifter components.

The MTI Racing by UUC Six Shooter Shifter is engineered with better materials, shorter throw, and a better overall feel. Now you can get rid of that stock numb, rubbery factory shifter and replace it with the Six Shooter Shifter and confidently go through the gears with precision. The throw is reduced by approximately 25% and a HUGE improvement in feel. It feels like 1000% improvement.

The stock OEM shifter is made using a 4-pc shaft that is bushed with rubber, a pressed-on ball joint, and a welded-on pivot that holds a shaft bearing attached to rubber linkage bushings. The new MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter is made of high quality stainless steel with a 1-pc ball machined directly into the lower stick, and a roller bearing at the base shift rod link. The kit also replaces the stock rubber bushings with durable delrin composite bushings, increasing the overall strength and life of the shifter assembly. The Six Shooter Shifter requires little to no extra effort when shifting, and instills confidence with its solid structural feel. Mission accomplished.

The MTI Racing Six Shooter shifter kit is not an entire shifter housing replacement. The kit includes all the components to convert the shifter assembly and its internal hardware with the highest quality components, while retaining the factory housing. Installation of the shifter requires the transmission to be lowered slightly to remove and install the shifter assembly. The new shifter is designed to use the stock shift knob or an aftermarket knob. The throw reduction is around 25%. We have tested over and over different throw reductions, and we felt that the final version provided the best overall confidence in shifting. Made in the USA.

This is the #1 upgrade for the Camaro.

We feel that our shifters are best on the market.  Now here is what our customers are saying about our Camaro Six Shooter shifter..

At the fest, I had the honor of getting a new short throw shifter from MTI installed. All I can say is WOW!!! Its about a 25 percent shorter throw from stock and very pronounced when going into gears. This shifter is the best of both worlds, for racing and everyday driving. Thank you Kevin and all the MTI crew for taking care of my Bee!!!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at MTI Racing for installing my new shifter at camaro5 fest. They are easy to deal with, respectful and offer very high quality parts. Personally I was never a fan of the stock shifter's feel, it was just too "soft" for me. With the MTI shifter installed it now feels as precise as a bolt action rifle, it's still easy to find the gears, and makes rowing through the gears even more fun. This shifter is by far my favorite upgrade that I have made. Thanks to Stephen and all the folks at MTI Racing  for making an awesome product and making camaro5 fest even more special. I am looking forward to dealing with them in the near future. I would suggest them to anyone, they are a great shop and treat your cars as if it was their own.

They did a great job and took wonderful care of my car. The shifter feels tons better than stock and I think the white cue ball knob is a nice touch, very retro.

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