MTI Racing CNC Machined Billet Wheel Spacers ( .75")

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MTI Racing CNC Machined Billet Wheel Spacers ( .75")

Price $ 149.95 ( Set of 2 )

Billet Aluminum CNC Machined .75" wheel spacers for C5 or C6 Corvettes.

MTI Racing CNC manufactures these wheel spacers in our CNC shop in Dawsonville, Georgia. Precisely machined to fit on the wheel hub of your Corvette to insure there is no "play" in the spacer, thus insuring it will not affect the rotation of your wheels under any conditions. If you've ever tried using "stamped" wheel spacers, you know how the slightest flaw in the manufacturing process can be drastically apparent "at speed" if the spacer is "out of round" etc. anywhere on the spacer. It can make your car undrivable. And, dangerous. 



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