Pfitzner PPG Dog Ring Transmission - T56 Corvette Road Race

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Road Race Version. The Dog Ring Transmission Conversion upgrades your standard C6 Z06 transmission to the pinnacle of performance. With this conversion, you could reduce the time of every up shift by .400 sec! Quicker lap times.

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Model C6
Manufacturer MTI Racing

MTI Racing/PPG Dog Ring Transmission Conversion - Road Racing Version

How can you go faster without adding horsepower? You reduce the time between shifting gears, thus accelerating faster than the competition. The MTI Racing/PPG Dog Ring Transmission Conversion does exactly that.

The Dog Ring Transmission Conversion fits inside your standard C6 Z06 transmission case and converts the internals to the pinnacle of performance. With this conversion, you strengthen the transmission AND reduce the time of every up shift by approximately .40 sec! This is a significant lap time improvement.  If you want the competitive advantage, you need this transmission!

How does it work?
Essentially, you eliminate the need to use the clutch when up shifting.
FACT:  -  You lose acceleration and position when you push the clutch in to up shift.
The SECRET is:  -  Eliminate the need to use the clutch when up shifting

For example, imagine you are accelerating full throttle from 3rd to 4th. When it is time to up shift, you quickly lift off the gas pedal, PULL THE GEAR LEVER, then quickly go back to full throttle. The shift action is SO FAST, it will already be in the next gear faster than you can get back on the throttle.   By getting back on the throttle so quickly, you gain approximately a ½ car length on everyone else, on every up shift! Think about it. In one lap, you could advance 5-6 car lengths.  By lap 3, you could be almost 20 car lengths ahead of the pack! (because of MORE time at full throttle vs. wasted time spent shifting)

That€™s an MTI Hardcore advantage!

The secret is in the design of the high-quality parts. Pfitzner (PPG) manufactures a brilliant profile on the gear shapes which surpasses the competition in ultra low-friction and exceptional durability. Its helical design also offers low gear noise while having a high power rating.

So, when you want the competitive advantage, go with this transmission conversion! 
Just ship us your transmission (ie. good, usable core), and we'll return to you a complete PPG/MTI Racing upgraded transmission that is "ready to install".

  -  Fits into your same factory T56 Corvette Transmission Case
  -  Maintains your same factory "H" pattern
  -  Maintains your same clutch

  -  Extremely fast shifting
  -  Quicker lap times
  -  Faster acceleration
  -  Higher power rating (1000hp)
  -  Can be shifted with or without clutch
  -  Can be driven on the street

Conversion Includes:  (all internals replaced upon conversion)
  -  Drive Gears
  -  Counter-Gears
  -  Input Gear
  -  Shift Dog-Rings
  -  Billet Shift Forks
  -  Dog-Rings Sliders
  -  Reverse Idler Gear
  -  Shift Rail Mechanism
  -  Main Shaft

Gear ratios:  2.437 / 1.611 / 1.228 / 1.000 / 0.875 / 0.777
Horsepower Rating: 1000hp

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