Collection: MTI Machine

MTI Machine are components manufactured in our in-house CNC machining facility.

MTI Racing has a full automotive and CNC machine shop that can provide 3, 4, and 5 axis machining to complete your parts in a reduced number of operations which saves you time and money. Whether your need is for a small or large production run, we have the equipment and experience to accommodate your needs.

We also have vast experience CNC porting cylinder heads and intake manifolds. Feel free to contact us if you have a need for production or private label CNC porting of cylinder heads or intake manifolds.

Automotive Machining Equipment:

  • RMC V-20 Block Machining Center
  • Rottler F-65 Block Machining Center
  • DMC Head Surfacer
  • Crank Balancer
  • Newen Epoc Valve Machine
  • Valve Grinder
  • Sunnen CK-21 Cylinder Hone
  • Sunnen CK-50 Align Hone
  • Sunnen Valve Guide Honing Station
  • Sunnen Rod/Piston Hone

Manual Machining Equipment

  • 3 Bridgeport Knee Mills
  • Supermax Knee Mill with additional Horizontal spindle
  • 10” Lathe
  • 20” Lathe

CNC Equipment

  • Deckel Maho DMU-80 5-axis VMC
  • Micro Seiki NV5000 3-axis VMC
  • Haas HS-1 with rotary (5th-axis) HMC
  • RMC V-20 VMC

We also have two Coordinate Measuring Machines for reverse engineering and quality control to ensure your parts are accurate the first time.

Coordinate Measuring Machines:

  • Mitutoyo F905
  • Wenzel LH-1010